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In the world of corporate videos, the timeless "talking head" shot is a fundamental necessity. At our Austria-based video production company, we specialize in crafting dynamic interview and testimonial videos that take this classic shot to new heights. When you choose Reel Arts Media, you're not just getting an interview or testimonial video; you're getting a professionally produced labor of love. Our team enhances your content with production lights, camera sliders, multiple cameras on set, and the option of a teleprompter for speakers. We also offer efficient live streaming directly on YouTube, saving you time and resources. Once our expert videographers have captured your content, our skilled editors transform it into captivating, professional videos. Whether you need product showcases, marketing materials, live streams, or promotional videos, we've got you covered. Market your business, product, or service effectively on social media, your website, or any platform with our eye-catching video products. Choose Reel Arts Media for corporate interviews and testimonials that leave a lasting impact.

Pwc - Interview w/ Rudolf Krickl

Testimonial Video


Rayner Surgical - Interview w/ Dr. Michael Amon

Q&A Interview Video Shoot

Rayner Surgical - Interview w/ Andrew Turnbull

Q&A Interview Video

Pwc - Interview w/ Christine Weinzierl

Testimonial Video Shoot

video testimonial shooot for documentary film in austria

Film team shooting a two camera video testimonial for an international documentary at the Zotter chocolate factory

Documentary film interview vienna

Film crew shooting a documentary interview in Vienna

interview testimonial film videographer camera team vienna austria

Video crew filming with a teleprompter / autocue two camera set-up on a corporate video shoot

camera team hire vienna austria

Camera team filming interviews and testimonials during a corporate event in Vienna, Austria

Videographer Vienna

Video crew setting up a multi-camera corporate video testimonial shot at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management in Vienna, Austria.

Corporate interview professional vienna

Interview set up for an internal video newsletter

Interview and testimonial shoot with camera operators

Video crew with a two camera testimonial set-up

Livestream video shoot for Youtube

Camera set up for an online course

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