Most corporate, product, marketing and promotional videos will eventually need to resort back to the basic "talking head" shot. Why not then take it to the next level and allow our camera team to spice it up for you? Our video production company here in Austria excels in creating  dynamic interview and testimonial videos. Depending on your video production goals and wishes, we'll create a professional and compelling interview or testimonial video with production lights, camera slider, two or more cameras on set, and  the option of a teleprompter for the speaker to read from, thereby saving time and allowing our video crew to efficiently and effectively shoot your interview and have more time to film other shots planned for the final video. Our editors will then take your newly shot footage, edit and transform your film into an eye-catching and professional video product so you can market your business, product or service to your customers on your social media platforms, website, or anywhere you might need. 

interview testimonial film videographer camera team vienna austria

Video crew filming with a teleprompter / autocue two camera set-up on a corporate video shoot

Camera team filming interviews and testimonials during a corporate event in Vienna, Austria

Videographer Vienna

Video crew setting up a multi-camera corporate video testimonial shot at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management in Vienna, Austria.

Video Production Vienna

Two cameras filming during a corporate interview shoot at the Austrian Federal Ministry for Families and Youth  in Vienna.

Interview and testimonial shoot with camera operators

Video crew with a two camera testimonial set-up

camera operators hire in Vienna for interviews and testimonials

Production video crew covering an event, interviewing guests, and gathering CEO testimonials during the Disability Confidence Day 2017 conference in Vienna, Austria.

Dr. Roland Poms - Imprint Analytics

Corporate Video Interview

Sophie Karmasin - Federal Minister of Families and Youth

Testimonial Video for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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