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Expert Production Managers and Assistants in Austria: When you require the support of a local, English-speaking Austrian fixer for your video shoots, films, or interviews, Reel Arts Media offers highly professional and trustworthy crews. Our dedicated team is here to assist your international film or camera crew throughout your stay in Austria. Whether you need someone for pre-production back-office tasks like location scouting and bookings, or a production manager to ensure the smooth flow of your film crew during shooting, we've got you covered. For projects involving teleprompters, we provide the equipment along with skilled assistants to operate them. You can also hire a local fixer/translator to manage administrative tasks, allowing your team to focus solely on the video production process. Additionally, personal assistants are available to support your film shoot. With years of on-site, hands-on experience, our expertise in pre-production planning and on-set production management speaks volumes. We have assisted and collaborated with numerous international television, film, and video crews, hailing from the USA, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia and beyond. Discover how our production managers can elevate your film crew's experience in Austria.

Fixer, production manager austria

Production Manager assisting during a corporate Interview shoot

project manager austria fixer local translator video crew film camera team

Production assistant for a television testimonial shoot

production assistant vienna film set

Assisting the film crew from "In Depth with Graham Bensinger" in Austria. Interview with the legendary Formula 1 driver Niki Lauda.

personal assistant on set austria vienna film crew

Local fixer / translator assisting NBC Sports film crew for a television spot about Austrian ski legend Matthias Mayer

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