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LumenArc Active Diffusion – Electronically Adjusted Diffusion for Video Production

LumenArc Active Diffusion

The LumenArc Active Diffusion is essentially a diffusion frame where you can dial in and modify the opacity through a handheld controller. This allows video professionals to precisely change the amount of diffused light they need for specific shots.

This technology isn’t necessarily something completely new, Zylight USA introduced a similar product a few years ago. In fact, the Active Diffusion’s controller states “Technology by Zylight USA” and “Protected by US Patent”.

LumenArc Active Diffusion Controller

The LumenArc Active Diffusion comes in two different sizes, 24 x 36 frame weighing 4.2 lbs (1.9kg), and a 40 x 40 package that weighs 13.1 lbs (5.9kg), being that the former can be attached to a traditional grip head (baby pin), while the latter comes with a lightweight yolk system with a baby pin receiver, junior pin adapter.

LumenArc Active Diffusion 40 x 40

LumenArc Active Diffusion 24 x 36

Both packages come with a hand-held controller, power supply, V-lock power supply bracket, 10' data cable (header), 10' power cable, controller lanyard, and a protective nylon case. LumenArc claims the Active Diffusion to have a battery life of 20+ hours on a 98Wh battery, 200 milliseconds max response time, as well as light loss of 1/16 stop @ ~1% and 1 1/2 stops @ 100%

LumenArc Active Diffusion Controller and Accessories

According to the company, the Active Diffusion frames are made out of „aluminum, fiberglass, and scratch-resistant polycarbonate“ which can apparently hold up in challenging weather conditions.

We can definitely see the pros and potential benefits of the Active Diffusion for video professionals during productions. For example, it’s nice to be able to quickly adjust the amount of diffusion being “spilled” on the talent during a corporate interview situation. However the sheer “size, bulk and weight” of the panels does lead us to believe this is geared mostly towards “bigger productions” with a video crew available on-set, rather than something that a videographer would take along on a solo video shoot.

Both packages are available for pre-order and are expected to start shipping in 2-3 months. The 24 x 36 Active Diffusion package is currently €1.788,95, and the 40 x 40 option €3.106,95

For more specific details, you can read more about the Active Diffusion panels directly at LumenArc’s website here


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