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WHY A TELEPROMPTER? - We understand the challenges, difficulties and time pressure in delivering statements during a corporate testimonial or interview video shoot. Having an autocue on set ensures perfect timing and delivery of your message or live stream, regardless of the speaker's level of experience. 

SAVE TIME ON SET - In order to remain portable, mobile and as compact as possible on set to keep up with today's fast-paced video shoots, our camera crews and video teams use the Pad Prompter as our autocue. This teleprompter system allows our video crew to easily and effectively set up in a matter of minutes, so we can focus more on getting your shots done and less time on technical complexities.  

ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE - The teleprompter is placed directly in front of the camera lens, giving the impression that the speaker is addressing the camera directly while reading the text from the autocue.  Alternatively, the teleprompter can also be placed off camera, perfect for interview style situations or web casts and live streams where the speaker shouldn't be facing the lens directly.

FLEXIBLE - Send us your script via email, or bring it along on a USB drive to the video shoot. Your text can be quickly and easily edited at the last minute on set by our teleprompter operator if necessary. The operator will then prompt the script according to the presenter's reading pace remotely from a laptop, thereby ensuring perfect delivery of your statement.


PROFESSIONALISM - One thing you can count on when hiring a camera team or video crew from Reel Arts Media is professionalism on set and the best representation of our clients in corporate and business environments. Our video crew relies on years of experience and dozens of satisfied clients from all over the world. Our track record speaks for itself.

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TO THE POINT  - Having a teleprompter on set not only assures our clients that the delivery of the text is spot on, but also saves valuable time during the video shoot

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EASE OF MIND - Simply email us a copy of the text or bring it along on a USB drive to the video shoot. Our operator will set up the autocue and have it ready for use

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FLEXIBLE  - Our clients have the option to include a teleprompter + operator when hiring our video crew

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RELIABLE - The autocue operator prompts the script at the reading pace of the speaker from a remote laptop.

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PROFESSIONAL  - Ensure that your speakers and talents perform a professional and perfect delivery of their texts by implementing a teleprompter / autocue system on set.

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EFFICIENCY - Whether hiring a camera team for a full or half day, having a teleprompter during testimonials and interviews will ensure less time needed on the video set.

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CUSTOMER SATISFACTION  - Our camera team prides themselves in representing our clients with the upmost professionalism and  high quality video production services. A teleprompter / autocue system ensures a smooth and professional shooting experience.

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UNCOMPLICATED  - We can edit your script on the fly and quickly mount the autocue on or off camera to adapt to your shooting needs

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