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Films Austria

straight to rem (short film)

Language: English    Running time: 15mins


A soft-spoken young American named Alan suffers from an unusual condition where he only has nightmares when going to sleep. To make matters worse, these tragic dreams affect the people he loves and end up happening in real life.


In order to break this vicious cycle, Alan gives up everything he has ever believed in and takes drastic measures which lead him half way across the world.


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Films Austria

4 Länder (short doc)

Language: German   Running time: 7mins


Three senior citizens, from three different countries, who have been living in Austria for most of their lives, reflect on what they consider homeland.


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Independent filmmaking and video production plays a big part in Reel Arts Media’s production services. We pay special attention to storytelling, cinematography, edit and bringing ideas to life.


Focusing on both narrative short film and documentary style storytelling, Reel Arts Media is available to provide services in the filmmaking process with clients from the beginning stages of production, all the way up to the edit.


Whether you’re a filmmaker looking for video production services, a production company looking to hire a cameraman,  an independent filmmaker, camera operator or needing edit done on a narrative short film or documentary, look no further.


Our films have been selected to multiple international film festivals around the world and we pride ourselves in providing high quality and client-oriented video and film production services in and around Vienna, Austria.

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