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amaran T2c and T4c Tube Lights by Aputure

Aputure recently announced two new budget-friendly lights, the amaran T2c and amaran T4c. It's important to mention that this is the first time Aputure released a tube light, something that video creatives have been asking Aputure for a few years now. Amaran is Aputure’s budget brand, these high-quality prosumer products are geared towards smaller video productions, solo creators and videographers. Our camera crew uses amaran products on almost every shoot, such as the trusty HR672S LED Production lights.

Aputure amaran T2c tube lights and accessories

The amaran T2c and T4c tube lights have a metal body, an opaque plastic diffusion, a USB-C port for DMX control, an “on-off” switch, two buttons, and a scroll wheel. They have the typical CCT and HSI modes, multiple special effects options, a color temperature range of 2500k to 7500k, and according to Aputure’s website, both lights have a CRI value of over 95. These lights don’t have traditional internal batteries, but rather an external style battery handle, making the T2C and T4c extremely lightweight and easy to bring along any video shoot.

amaran T2c and T4c Tubel light

The lights can also be powered through DC inputs located on the body of the lights, as well as on the battery handle itself. Both lights are identical, with exception to their overall length. The T2c being 2ft long, and the T4c 4 ft in size. The lights come with a carrying case, which is a lot more rigid compared to most basic carrying cases from other budget lights such as the Yongnuo YN360, a high quality, budget-friendly tube light our camera team always brings on video shoots.

amaran T2c and T4c handle with cord vienna video production

amaran T2c and T4c handle

The handle comes with a battery level indicator and extra mounting holes, which is in addition to the Nato rail and all the 1/4-20″ and 3/8-16″ mounts on the back of the tube lights. Another nice feature is the T2C and T4c’s Green-Magenta tint control, making it easier to match different light sources on set. Both lights can be controlled through the Sidus Link App, which video creators have already been using for numerous other Aputure and amaran products.

At the moment, prices for the lights are around €200 for the T2c, and €325 for the T4c. You can read a lot more about these lights and their tech specs directly through Aputure's website


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