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Zoom Releases the UAC-232: The All-in-One Audio Interface for Content Creators & Musicians

Zoom, a Japanese audio equipment manufacturer, has launched a new portable 2×2 USB-C audio interface, the Zoom UAC-232, which comes with 32-bit float recording capabilities. The device is ideal for content creators, videographers, streamers, podcasters, and musicians who need to capture high-quality audio.

With 32-bit float recording, the device captures distortion-free sound, no matter its intensity, eliminating the need to adjust a gain controller. This technology makes it possible to recover noise-free sounds that were recorded almost silently or too loudly, ideal for videographers or content creators shooting with minimal video crew.

Zoom UAC-232
Image Credit: Zoom

The Zoom UAC-232 audio interface features a pair of XLR/TRS combo inputs on the front panel, suitable for microphones or line signals, along with two microphone preamps, similar to those found in Zoom’s professional F-Series recorders. The device supports +48V phantom power for recording with condenser microphones. Afterward, the input signal is converted to a digital signal by dual A/D converters, which can be output to a computer via the USB-C port using USB 2.0.

Zoom UAC-232
Image Credit: Zoom

Tech Specs


  • Channels of I/O: 2 inputs / 2 outputs

  • Number of microphone preamps: 2 preamps

  • Maximum sampling rate: 192 kHz / 32-bit float

  • Analog audio I/O: 2 combo XLR-1/4" TRS balanced mic/line/hi-z inputs

  • Analog audio I/O: 2 1/4" TRS balanced line outputs

  • Analog audio I/O: 1 1/8" / 3.5mm TRS headphone output

  • MIDI I/O: 1 DIN 5-pin input, 1 DIN 5-pin output


  • Phantom power: 48V, selectable on/off

  • Host connection / USB: USB-C

  • Host connection protocol: USB 2.0

  • USB (non-host): 1 USB-C (power input)

  • Power requirements: USB bus power

  • Current consumption: 293mA

  • Power consumption: 5W (maximum)


  • Dimensions: 164 x 10.5 x 65 mm / 6.5 x 4.2 x 2.6 in

  • Weight: 355g / 12.5 oz

Zoom UAC-232 Front
Image Credit: Zoom

Monitoring of recordings can be done either through the balanced TRS headphone output or through the two TRS outputs with volume control on studio speakers. The MIDI input/output allows for the connection of external MIDI devices like drum machines, synths, and keyboards. The Zoom UAC-232 Mix Control App (Windows, macOS, iOS) enables configuration of the input/output routing and loopback function, as well as control of the input and monitoring levels.

Zoom UAC-232 Back
Image Credit: Zoom

The Zoom UAC-232 also includes a second USB-C port on the back side that allows for connection to a USB power supply if the host computer cannot provide enough power to the device via the USB bus. The Direct Monitor button enables the input signal to be directly fed to the headphones and routed in parallel to a DAW or streaming software. The Mix Control can adjust the volume and panning for the direct monitor feed.

Zoom UAC-232 With Cables
Image Credit: Zoom

Main Features:

  • The Zoom UAC-232 is a versatile audio interface designed for podcasters, streamers, and musicians.

  • It features dual AD circuitry with 32-bit float recording technology, ensuring distortion-free sound regardless of intensity.

  • The microphone preamps used in the UAC-232 are the same as those found in Zoom's F6 recorder.

  • The UAC-232 has two XLR/TRS combo inputs, as well as headphone and TRS main outputs with high-power output of 100mW.

  • The device can record up to 192 kHz sample rate and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and iOS devices (but not Android).

  • Zoom Mix Control software mixer is included, with MUSIC and STREAMING modes to optimize I/O and a loopback function.

  • Direct Monitor switch enables latency-free recording, while the UAC-232 can be used vertically or horizontally.

  • Bus-powered operation is available, but separate power is required for Lightning-enabled iOS devices.

Zoom UAC-232 in use with musician
Image Credit: Zoom

The Zoom UAC-232 2×2 USB-C audio interface is now available and retails for $199.99. You can read more about the device by visiting Zoom's website directly here.


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