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Aputure Unveils New Professional Lighting Fixtures - The Electro Storm CS15 and XT26 Pro Bi-Color.

Aputure made waves at Cine Gear 2023 with the announcement of two powerful and versatile light fixtures—the Electro Storm CS15 RGBWW and XT26 Pro Bi-Color. Designed for professional use, these fixtures are set to push the boundaries of lighting technology in the industry.

The Electro Storm CS15 is a robust 1,500W high-output full-color point-source RGBWW LED fixture. Packed with features, it boasts dual accessory mounts, professional connectivity options, high SSI color quality, and an IP65 dust and water-resistant construction. With a remarkable power output equivalent to industry-standard 1800W HMIs, the CS15 ensures an intense and bright lighting experience. Additionally, the CS15 draws approximately 1800 watts of power, making it a reliable choice for camera operators and cinematographer in basically any high-end demanding shooting environment.

Aputure Electro Storm Series CS15
Image Source: Aputure

Meanwhile, the Electro Storm XT26 stands as a 2600W high-output bi-color point-source LED fixture. It shares similar qualities with its CS15 counterpart, including dual accessory mounts, professional connectivity methods, and IP65 dust and water-resistant construction. Surpassing the brightness of industry-standard 12,000W tungsten Fresnels and 4000W HMIs, the XT26 delivers exceptional lighting power. Its power draw of 3200 watts ensures consistent performance in various scenarios.

Aputure Electro Storm Series XT26
Image Source: Aputure

Both fixtures offer advanced connectivity options, including Sidus Link app control, LumenRadio CRMX, Art-net and sACN via etherCON, and 16-bit DMX512. This wide range of connectivity allows for seamless integration into existing lighting setups. Aputure has paid special attention to cooling these new fixtures by implementing advanced liquid-cooling technology. This design innovation enables high output while effectively dissipating heat. As a result, the lights remain cool even during extended usage, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Aputure Electro Storm Series top view
Image Source: Aputure

In terms of versatility, Aputure has introduced the new Dual Accessory A-Mount for both the CS15 and XT26. This mount combines the universal Bowens Mount with an electronic A-Mount, making these fixtures highly adaptable in different video shooting scenarios. The electronic A-Mount offers enhanced stability, durability, and optimization for heavy-duty modifiers. These are compatible with a range of A-Mount accessories and modifiers, including reflectors and the 14-inch F14 Fresnel. Additionally, the A-Mount facilitates data communication for optimized color accuracy and motorized focus control.

Aputure Electro Storm Series Bowens Mount
Image Source: Aputure

To further enhance usability, Aputure has introduced an optional Motorized Yoke specifically designed for the Electro Storm CS15 and XT26. This motorized yoke enables smooth remote operation of pan and tilt adjustments, particularly useful for camera teams working in hard-to-reach or suspended installations.

Similarly, the Electro Storm XT26 offers an impressive power output of 2600 watts. Aputure positions it as a strong contender among the most powerful point-source LEDs in the market, rivaling industry-standard tungsten Fresnels and HMIs. Like its CS15 counterpart, the Electro Storm XT26 features a powerful bi-color chipset that maintains accurate color throughout its variable bi-color range from 2,700K to 6,500K.

Aputure F14 Fresnel
Image Source: Aputure

In conjunction with the launch of these new fixtures, Aputure also introduced a selection of A-Mount lighting modifiers. Among them is the F14 Fresnel, which features a motorized glass lens capable of electronic beam angle adjustment from 18 to 45 degrees. The beam angle can be conveniently controlled via a knob on the side of the F14, the control box, or through DMX and the Sidus Link app. This versatile modifier provides video shooters with the flexibility to adapt the light's spread to suit their specific requirements.

Aputure Electro Storm Series on set
Image Source: Aputure

The Electro Storm CS15 and XT26 seem to be on track to make their mark on the industry with their exceptional power, features, and adaptability. As video and film professionals eagerly await their availability in the fourth quarter of 2023, Aputure continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering high-quality lighting solutions that meet the demanding needs of filmmakers and photographers alike.

Please note that pricing details for both the CS15 and XT26 will be announced at a later date, further adding to the anticipation surrounding these lighting fixtures which are expected to be available in Q4 of 2023.

You can read much more about these lights by visiting Aputure's website directly here.


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