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Canon Camera Rumors: Canon C300 Mark III Coming in 2019, Capable of 8K

Rumors are swirling the internet regarding the release of a new Canon camera, and this time it’s the Canon C300 Mark III. Not much information is out there at the moment, but there’s a very interesting possibility of 8k.

Canon C300 Mark III

First of all, since its release in 2015 the Canon C300 Mark II has been a popular and beloved cinema camera amongst filmmakers, video producers, camera operators and video crews alike. Just like its predecessor (the original Canon C300) it’s been known for its success in film and video productions due to the camera’s high dynamic range, cinematic quality and 12-bit recording.

Although I personally wouldn’t mind seeing a C100 Mark III release rumor (for the more “humble” indie filmmakers,  videographers and camera operators out there like myself). However Canon seems to be diving deep into a new C300-series camera release instead. Guess our camera team here in Vienna will just have to wait a bit more then.

C300 Mark III

Canon C300 Mark III: What’s Been Floating Around

Reports state the Canon C300 Mark III will have an updated electric image stabilization included as well as the possibility of 4.4.4. Apparently the new camera will include internal 4K video recording, and there are also alleged reports claiming that for an additional cost the C300 Mark III can be upgraded to 8k.

From what it looks the Canon C300 Mark III has late 2019 for an earliest release date.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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