Cartoni Announces RED LOCK FOCUS System

Cartoni, the Italian camera-accessories designer and manufacturer recently announced their new camera support system: The RED LOCK FOCUS. Targeted at camera operators and filmmakers, the system will be available in three different fluid head configurations and payloads.

First....The RED LOCK Tripod Legs:

Cartoni’s RED LOCK are two-stage, lightweight tripod legs made of aluminum which they released in November 2019. It has an integrated quick collapse “spreader cord” system design which closes the three legs simultaneously by pulling on a ring/belt combination, allowing the cameraman to quickly and easily collapse the entire tripod at once.

The tripod legs weigh less than 3 kilos, and Cartoni came up with a unique design by using special interchangeable step rings inside the ball head which enable the camera operator to easily swap and use either 75mm or 100mm tripod heads with it.

These unique tripod legs also feature Cartoni’s dual-stage smart spreader which they launched a few years ago. The spreader is telescopic in two ways, making it extend further than conventional spreaders. This feature allows videographers and camera operators to position their cameras lower than traditional tripod legs would.

RED LOCK Support System:

The new RED LOCK support system comes in three different configurations, with different payloads, fluid heads and features: The Focus 8, Focus 10, and Focus 12. The models all come with the RED LOCK tripod legs mentioned above, which have a minimum height of 66cm and a maximum of 162cm.

According to Cartoni, the three new systems are one of the most affordable packages available without compromising quality and performance. It’s designed to be lightweight and very robust, making it an attractive piece of equipment for budget-conscious videographers and camera operators looking for reasonably priced options in the market.

Tech Specs:

The three systems will be available soon and can already be pre-ordered. Retail prices at the moment are as follows:

-FOCUS 8: €885 / $949

-FOCUS 10: €1,210 / $1,699

-FOCUS 12: €1,382 / $2,465

You can read more about Cartoni’s new RED FOCUS support system directly at their website by clicking here.

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