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The Great Non-Essential Filmmaking Tool - Cinebag CB-O3 AC Pouch

I wanted to write a short product review about a simple piece of production gear that oftentimes might go unnoticed. Camera assistants frequently wear AC pouches on set where they keep their essential tools and gear such as a flashlight, scissors, sharpie, tape, zip ties, pliers etc. The list can go on forever and differs from filmmaker to filmmaker.

I’ve worked on my fair share of video productions in Austria as a camera assistant where I wasn’t wearing (didn’t own) an AC pouch. Needless to say it was a bit of a hassle and even embarrassing having to run back and forth on set to get a specific tool or piece of gear whenever the cameraman or cinematographer needed something from me. Especially when it could’ve easily been in my pouch the entire time. We live and we learn.

Here are a few the things I like to have at arm’s length on set at all times on my own video productions nowadays:


-Measuring tape

-Leatherman multi-tool

-Marking tape / Gaffer tape

-LED Flashlight

-Dry erase marker


-Zip ties

-Allen wrenches

-Lens cleaning Pen

-Lens tissue

-Remote control for my Aputure Lights

-Spare earphones

Tools for my AC pouch

Compartments of the Cinebag CB-03

In theory, I guess an AC pouch is basically a fanny pack on steroids. Not something to go around bragging about, however it can be a nice complement to any solo cameraman, videographer or filmmaker’s toolkit (not just an AC). There’s an infinite amount of these pouches on the market but I was looking for something robust that mostly had positive reviews online. After a bit of research I decided on the Cinebag CB-03.

Close up of the Cinebag CB-03 AC pouch

I was already familiar with some of Cinebag’s products and even own their CB-40 Highroller camera bag which I use quite often during video productions as my go-to bag for the C100 Mark II; so at least I knew there wouldn’t be such a big risk when it came to the material quality of the product. The pouch is made out of waterproof polyester, has a cargo key ring, reinforced belt loop, compartments for small video accessories, see-through mesh pouch in the flap, and a Velcro closure.

See-through mesh pouch

Belt loop and cargo key ring

Fanny pack on steroids

I’ve used it on many video productions already and so far have been satisfied, it’s reliable and does exactly what it’s meant to do, nothing more nothing less. It keeps my smaller video accessories that I regularly use on set in one place and on my hip.

Cinebag AC pouch on a corporate video shoot

If I were to nitpick, maybe having a zipper instead of Velcro wouldn’t be so bad since it wouldn't be as loud when opening and zippers prevent items from falling out better. But that hasn’t happened to me yet with this item.

Cinebag AC pouch during a product video shoot

I find having a pouch like this is nice but not mandatory for the solo videographer or cameraman who has to wear many hats on set. It's not the most essential piece of gear for the filmmaker, but it can make life on set much easier. If anyone actually reads these blog posts (especially any AC's), I'd love to know what tools or items I missed and what you guys carry around on set.

Posted by Vitor Goncalves

Vitor Goncalves - Filmmaker Video production Austria

Vitor is a filmmaker, cameraman and editor based in Vienna, Austria. He is the owner of Reel Arts Media.


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