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Kelvin Epos 600 Unveiled: A Powerful, Versatile LED Light for Filmmakers and Video Professionals.

The Kelvin Epos 600 Full RGB LED Light is the second fixture in a new line of products that have been designed to push the boundaries of cinema lighting. The company’s first light, the Kelvin Epos 300 was announced back in July 2022. Kelvin is a new lighting brand developed by LED technology company Rift Labs from Scandinavia.

Kelvin Epos 600
Source: Kelvin

Encased in 6mm thick aluminum plates, the Kelvin Epos 600 is a full color spectrum 600W LED COB studio light, engineered, and handmade in Norway. It is said to be designed and built without compromise and it comes with a 3-year warranty and a lifetime of customer support service. You can control the light either using the onboard controls or the Kelvin Narrator Bluetooth app, DMX, or Lumen Radio Skynode (which comes with the product). The Kelvin Epos 600 looks to be in direct competition with lights such as the Prolycht Orion 675 FS and the Aputure LS 600c Pro.

Kelvin Epos 600 RGB on set
Source: Kelvin

Key Features:

  • The Kelvin Epos 600 is a COB studio light that provides 600W of full spectrum LED lighting.

  • The light features a patent-pending Cantastoria™ RGBACL Six-Color Light Engine, which offers six different colors.

  • With a CRI of 98, TLCI of 99, CQS of 97, SSI of 86 at 3200K, and SSI of 74 at 5600K, this light offers excellent color accuracy.

  • The Kelvin Epos 600 also offers a wide range of color temperatures, from 2000K to 20000K CCT.

  • It has an IP rating of 54, which means it's protected against dust and water splashes.

  • You can control the light using Bluetooth, the Kelvin Narrator app for iOS/Android, DMX, or Lumen Radio/Wireless DMX (which is built-in).

  • It offers flexible battery options, with V-Mount, B-Mount, or Gold Mount compatibility (which can be edited by the end-user).

  • The light also features a Bowens mount with Kelvin MagTech™, a proprietary technology.

  • You can charge your devices using the light's USB-C and USB-A ports.

  • The light is housed in a durable 6mm aluminum casing and comes with a water-resistant semi-soft rolling case.

Kelvin Narrator App
Kelvin Narrator App - Source: Kelvin

The light is an excellent choice for video professionals, camera operators, DPs, and camera teams, featuring an IP54 weather rating, making it ideal for shooting in various conditions. An IP54 rating means that your product will be protected against contamination from limited amounts of dust and other particles. Additionally, you can be confident that it will be protected from water sprays from all directions.

Kelvin Epos 600 RGB Light
Source: Kelvin

The light is claimed to output 18,000 lux @1m / 3.3′ when set at 5600K and used open face. When used with its included 55-degree reflector at 5600K, the output is claimed to be 82,210 lux @1m / 3.3′. The Kelvin Epos 600 features Kelvin’s sophisticated 6-channel RGBACL light engine Cantastoria, which produces a full spectrum of colors within the 2,000 – 20,000K range. The Cantastoria Engine utilizes Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, and Lime.

The light is designed to be versatile, making it an ideal choice for professional video shooters and camera teams, with an industry-first magnetic mounting system where you can easily attach various lighting modifiers such as diffusers, intensifiers, etc. Along with the range of magnetic detachable lighting modifiers that will be available, Kelvin has also partnered up with DoPchoice, who have made soft boxes and other lighting modifiers for the fixture.

The fixture can be powered by two camera batteries or through an AC power supply, giving camera operators and DPs plenty of options for powering the light. The power supply/controller is available in either V-mount, Gold mount, or B-mount. The Kelvin Epos 600 is compatible with Bowens mount accessories, making it easy for video professionals to use with their existing equipment.

Tech Specs:

Light Fixture:

  • Features a Cantastoria six-color RGBACL system.

  • Offers a color temperature range of 2,000 to 20,000 K ±100 K.

  • Has six different modes, including CCT, HSI, RGB, GELS, EFFECTS, and XY.

  • Has a dimming range of 0-100% (continuous).

  • Equipped with a 5'' TFT LCD Touch Screen display.

  • Made of durable aluminum.

  • Contains 80 LEDs.

  • Offers an expected lamp life of 50,000 hours.

  • Has a beam angle of 93°.

  • Comes with a Kelvin Bowens Mount Reflector with a beam angle of 55°.

Color Accuracy Standard:

  • Has high color accuracy ratings, including CRI 98, TLCI 99, CQS 97, SSI 86 @3200K, and SSI 74 @5600K.


  • Features two end-user editable battery plates (V-Mount, B-Mount, or Gold Mount).

  • Has a 5-Pin XLR DMX Connection.

  • Offers a power input connection through powerCON and USB-C/A ports.

  • Comes with a Kelvin Epos 600 Yoke (360° tilt) and a Bowens S-Type Accessory Mount with proprietary Kelvin MagTech™.

  • Uses a 1-1/8" stud (junior pin) and 5/8" receiver (baby pin) for fixture mounting.

  • Has a proprietary magnetic mount for diffusers, intensifiers, etc. located on the front of the light fixture.

  • Can be controlled through Bluetooth, Kelvin Narrator App, DMX, or Lumen Radio/Wireless DMX (built-in).

  • Features a wireless operating range of ≤100m for both Bluetooth and Lumen Radio.


  • Can run on AC input power (100 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz) or DC input power (48 VDC).

  • Supports external batteries.

  • Has a max power consumption of 600W (nominal) or 720W (rated).

  • Offers an operating voltage of 14.4V/10A, 26V/6A (half output) or 26V/12A (full output).

  • Can operate in temperatures ranging from -4 to 113°F / -20 to 45°C.

  • Supports hot swapping.


  • Comes with an 8-meter Kelvin Epos 600 4-Pin Weatherproof XLR Head Cable and an 8-meter Neutrik Power CONTRUE TOP AC Power Cable.


  • Lamp Head with Yoke: 6.7 kg / 14.77 lbs

  • Control Box: 5.48 kg / 12.08 lbs

  • Super Clamp: 0.44 kg / 0.98 lbs

  • Rolling Case (Filled): 17.18 kg / 37.87 lbs

  • Rolling Case (Empty): 5.35 kg / 11.79 lbs

Dimensions (L x W x D):

  • Lamp Head without Yoke: 26.5 x 17.6 x 14cm / 10.43 x 6.9 x 5.5in

  • Lamp Head with Yoke: 52 x 39.8 x 14cm / 20.47 x 15.66 x 5.5in

  • Control Box: 13 x 17.1 x 33.7cm / 5.12 x 6.73 x 13.27in

  • Super Clamp: 9.0 x 5.4 x 13.6cm /

The total weight is 26.85 lb / 12.18 kg, making it easy to transport and set up on location. The Epos 600 is an excellent option for smaller camera teams and DPs who need a versatile and reliable lighting solution. With its full color spectrum, weather rating, and magnetic mounting system, the Kelvin Epos 600 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality lighting for their video production.

Kelvin Epos 600 on set
Source: Kelvin

The Kelvin Epos 600 has a retail price of $3,999 USD, but Kelvin is currently offering a launch promotion from April 16th at 10 AM Pacific Time Zone to May 6th at 11:59 PM PST, where the light can be purchased for $2,799 USD, which is a 30% discount. Additionally, buyers will receive a rolling hard case with the purchase. Shipping is expected to begin in December 2023, and every buyer will receive a 3-year warranty from Kelvin.

You can read more about the Epos 600 by visiting Kelvin's website directly here.


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