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FilmConvert Releases Camera Profile for Panasonic GH5S


A few weeks ago Panasonic released the GH5S, which fixed a problem that most camera operators and videographers had with the popular GH5: Low-light sensitivity. The camera has a higher price point compared to its predecessor but also comes with dual ISO, bigger pixels and VLog-L logarithmic gamma curve color profile included.

Filmconvert just released a color profile for the GH5S in order to facilitate color grading and matching different cameras in post-production before applying any LUTs to the footage. These profiles are mostly aimed at video makers and filmmakers who aren’t necessarily the most advanced video editors, or maybe don’t have a lot of time or the “will” to play around with the video material from scratch.

Filmconvert’s profiles are made to increase the color accuracy of different cameras' video footage. They can be used in standalone grading software or with Filmconvert’s own plugins. It’s important to note that these profiles cannot be loaded directly into the camera, but you can export a LUT with your color settings to use in-camera by using the plugin software.

Click here to view their camera packs where you can download their free profiles.


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