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Camera Cart Accessories - The GripNGaff Bag Version 2.0

Since publishing our last blog post about the Rock-N-Roller Multi-Cart, we’ve had a few questions sent our way. One question was regarding the cart's usability on one-man-band style video shoots mentioned:

- If you’re alone on a video / film shoot and have a loaded cart, how do you get it up and down stairs by yourself? (provided there is no elevator).

Obviously before any video project starts there should be at least a bit of pre-production planning, especially if you have to cover an event or conference. The last thing you want as a camera operator is to drop by and not know your surroundings nor what to expect on the shooting day. If the videographer / cameraman doesn’t get the opportunity to do any location scouting before filming, ask the client if access is “wheelchair friendly” or at least if there’s an elevator on site. A simple work-around for smaller flights of stairs that I use all the time on video shoots here in Vienna: A foldable wheelchair ramp. It’s an extra piece of "equipment" you’ll take along on your shoots, but it does the job.

Wheelchair Ramp

Wheelchair Ramp

The other and most asked question we got was about the bag hanging out the side of the cart where all the video tripods and light stands are in. That’s the GRIPNGAFF BAG Version 2.0. This thing fits perfectly on the camera cart’s handle and is (in my humble opinion) basically a must-have if your camera team or video crew uses a Rock N Roller cart on video productions that require multiple tripods, light stands, C-Stands, boom poles etc. Our camera crew takes this bag basically on every video shoot.


GRIPNGAFF Bag Version 2.0

Loaded Rock N Roller Cart and GRIPNGAFF Bag

GRIPNGAFF Bag and Rock N Roller Cart

So here’s the deal, If you’ve ever had to load the Rock-N-Roller camera cart, you know that loading longer, skinnier objects is rather tricky since they have to be strategically placed in between the handles/bars in order for them not to slip. Even then, they have the tendency to “slide” down the camera cart if not secured properly, especially when going up/down stairs, through doorways etc. The GRIPNGAFF BAG Version 2.0 solves this issue altogether giving the video crew peace of mind to only worry about loading the cases and bags properly onto the camera cart.

Plastic Bottom

GRIPNGAFF Plastic Bottom

The bag is made of a military-grade ballistic nylon which is Urethan coated on the inside, making it very strong and resistant. There’s also a removable hard plastic bottom that looks like a “drum lid” which helps protect the bag, improve durability, and increase load capacity. Also, In order to hold the equipment securely in an upright position and keep it from “flopping around” there’s a nylon cinch-strap with a buckle on top.


Nylong Cinch-Strap on GRIPNGAFF Bag

Our video production team here in Austria is extremely happy with this bag and we’d definitely recommend it to other camera crews, video companies, and videographers out there that use a Rock N Roller cart. You can find out more about the bag directly through GRIPNGAFF’s website:


Posted by Vitor Goncalves

Vitor Goncalves best camera operator vienna austria

Vitor is a filmmaker, cameraman and editor based in Vienna, Austria. He is the owner of Reel Arts Media.


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