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Rode Releases New VideoMic Me-L for iOS Devices

The original VideoMic Me from Rode featured a 3.5mm jack to connect to their iOS device, the item was very popular among vloggers and iPhone video shooters who looked to improve the audio quality of their videos. A few months later however, the new iPhone 7 was released which had no headphone jack and featured just a sole lighting connection. Needless to say, many requests were made for a lightning version of the VideoMic and Rode has now responded to these requests with the VideoMic Me-L

The Mic has a similar design to the standard VideoMic Me, with a sturdy aluminum build and attaches to any iOS device that has a lightning port (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch…). It captures sound directly from a ½” condenser microphone while the audio is transferred digitally via the lightning port to the device. A great advantage is it doesn’t use any of the iPhone’s audio hardware and uses an audio circuit directly inside the microphone.

The VideoMic Me-L also includes a headphone output for monitoring and playback of your videos, which is great since you won’t have to unplug it to plug to the internal speaker’s playback, nor use a 3.5mm dongle for your headphones. The lightning port also allows you to turn the mic around and film in selfie-mode, great for vloggers and iPhone video shooters looking to improve their audio quality.

The VideoMic Me-L is a directional mic, meaning it picks up more sound that’s in front while shooting your videos, compared to the built-in microphone on iOS devices which pick up sound on all directions while filming. There are small cancellation ports (fins on the side of the mic) that enable the sound to be canceled from the rear and sides while shooting video. Rode included an adjustable mount that slides in and out to secure the mic on your device in order to ensure a tight fit while filming your videos regardless of what type of case you use. It also ships with a synthetic fur windshield, which is helpful for filming videos and capturing audio in windy environments.

The VideoMic Me-L is set to be ship in July 2018 and will retail for USD $79.

You can check out the full specs and of the VideoMic Me-L directly from Rode’s website by clicking here.


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