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Sony’s New Full-Frame Sensor to Feature 8K Sensor

Reports state Sony will soon be announcing two new full-frame sensors that will include 8K video recording at 60fps.

First reports came from Sony Alpha Rumors claiming the information is from a very trusted source. Shortly after, PetaPixel picked up on it as well. Apparently Sony is getting ready to announce not only one, but two new full frame sensors.

tech specs

According to the information, the sensor will be able to shoot 16-bit RAW photos. On paper it also does 8K video recording, which would be especially interesting for filmmakers and videographers.

Sensor 1: 60MP 16 channels (which is crazy, normally it should be 8), 4.6FPS@16bit 12FPS@14bit 8k30P@12bit 8K60p@10bit 4k60p@12bit FHD300P@10bit


Sensor 2:

36MP 10FPS@16bit 60FPS@10bit on-chip PDAF

Apparently the new sensors will be available for Sony’s own products as well as for third party companies. A few weeks ago rumors of a new Canon C300 capable of shooting 8K was also swirling around. Camera operators and video professionals may have quite a bit to look forward to in the near future since 2019 seems headed in the 8K direction.


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