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Sony Releases the Dual-Channel Wireless Audio Receiver URX-P41D

The URX-P41D is Sony’s fourth-generation wireless audio receiver, geared mainly towards DYI videographers and camera operators working on the field without a full video crew. This on-camera wireless receiver was made with simplicity in mind, enabling the cameraman to set it up quickly and easily with no menu diving

With its compact design, Sony claims the URX-P41D supports digital audio processing, auto gain function, NFC Sync pairing, output level control and a range of up to 330ft. It can be connected to cameras with the included 3.5mm or XLR cable.

Sony URX-P41D wireles audio receiver
Source: Sony

The new wireless audio receiver is part of the UWP-D family, making it backward compatible with previous generations of transmitters. A welcome feature for camera operators and videographers who already own earlier models.

videorapher with URX-P41D video production vienna
Source: Sony

The URX-P41D's design is compact and sits easily on top of your camera using the included shoe mount adapter, it has two antennas and two independent receiver sections. The receiver uses analog UHF wireless technology and an RF bandwidth of 72 MHz. Dropouts are reduced to a minimum by having both RF signals compared, and the strongest one automatically selected for output.

Sony URX-P41D four channel mixer video austria
Source: Sony

The receiver has a built-in 4-channel mixer, an external mic-input connector for an additional wired microphone, high-gain mode for DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and channel memory function to quickly switch between 4 transmitters.

The URX-P41D can be powered with two AA batteries, or through its USB port, allowing videographers to have it to run for hours using a power bank, or indefinitely if the camera operator has access to AC. There’s also the possibility of getting power directly from Sony cameras equipped with an MI shoe by using the SMAD-P5 Digital MI Shoe adapter.

Sony URX-P41D with cold shoe mount during video production
Source: Sony

The URX-P41D is available for pre-order and retails for $679.99. You can read much more about the transmitter's features and technical specifications by visiting Sony's website.


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