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Tilta Introduces their Camera Cage for the Sony PXW-FX9

Tilta recently announced it’s camera cage for Sony’s most popular full-frame cinema camera. It comes with an abundance of modular features, plates and an aggressive price point.

When it comes to cinema cameras, the PXW-FX9 is Sony’s flagship full-frame version, and the Chinese-based third-party accessories manufacturer Tilta recently came out with their modular camera cage for it.

Tilta Camera Cage for Sony PXW-FX9

The cage consists not only of a pad with rod adapters, but also a plethora of plates to come along with it! Namely a top plate, base plate, battery plate, and a side plate. The top plate is filled with ¼”-20 mounting holes as well as a 15mm rod adapter, allowing videographers to attach accessories such as a follow focus to it. The cage comes with Arri Rosette connections on both sides in order to add other third-party handles or Sony’s own PXW-FX9 handle.

Made of Aluminum-alloy and stainless steel, the cage also comes with an ergonomic shoulder pad on the bottom which is easily detachable from the VCT-U14 plate, making the rig extremely easy for video shooters to mount the camera on their shoulders.

The battery plate (Available in Gold Mount and V-Mount varieties) has a modular 4-pin XLR power input port to fit the camera operators needs as necessary, and is designed so the videographer can adjust the FX9 battery plate to correctly counter balance the camera on his/her shoulder.

Tilta Camera Cage for Sony PXW-FX9 Backside

The camera cage comes with an adjustable lens adapter support which can be used with an array of lens adapter brands, and has an interchangeable 15mm bottom plate to be used in conjunction with Tilta or VCT quick release plates.

There is also a side plate which serves not only as an extra layer of protection for the camera, but also features even more mounting points in order to attach any external monitors or wireless video transmitters the camera operator (or in this case, a video crew) might need.

Tilta Camera Cage for Sony PXW-FX9 sideview

The Tilta Camera Cage price range is very competitive at $999 compared to some of its competitors such as Zacuto or Wodden Camera, making it a potential great option for freelance videographers and filmmakers who are on a tighter budget.

You can read more information about the camera cage directly at Tilta's website by clicking here.


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