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Tokina Announces New FiRIN 20mm F/2 FE Autofocus Lens for E-Mount Cameras

Tokina has just added more artillery to their line of FiRIN lenses which were announced back in 2016. This new lens doesn’t necessarily replace their 20mm F/2 manual focus (popular with video shooters), as both have the same optical design. It seems to however give an alternative shooting choice for videographers and camera operators who might need a wide-angle autofocus option.

The aspherical lens elements in addition to 3 lenses molded from Super-low Dispersion glass significantly reduces chromatic aberration and distortion, a common characteristic when shooting wide-angle video footage. All the while assuring high resolution and great performance even at wide open aperture,

Geared towards video shooters and filmmakers, the FiRIN 20mm F/2 FE Autofocus features a ring-shaped ultrasonic autofocus function, and transmits information to their Sony a7 series cameras such as distance, aperture, and In-Body Image Stabilization among other features.


CP+ (Camera & Photo Imaging Show) is just around the corner, and Tokina will have a prototype of the lens displayed so video shooters can have the opportunity to properly take a look at it. You can see the complete specs released by Tokina here.


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